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Five young people become victims of a flawed and prejudiced criminal justice system and lost years of their lives in prison for a crime they did not commit.

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This website serves as a repository of information and resources to inform audiences on wrongfully incarcerated cases in a way that can inspire people to take action and be part of the change. We hope that this will guide those yearning to join the fight to overhaul a deeply flawed criminal justice system that continues to target those from poor and underrepresented populations.

Here, you’ll find tools to meet this challenge head-on, but we also hope to provide hope–reasons to believe that if we all commit to fixing this issue, we can create a more just world in the future.

A look back at systemic racism and its harrowing effects
on Black and Brown communities throughout history.

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Wrongful incarceration continues to happen to this day and has occurred countless times throughout history. Here are some of the stories of those victimized by "due process" of the law.

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